Directors Insights

Incorporated by a team of technocrats and industrialists in 2015, the company has always focussed on its quality and safety such that only the best of the products and services can be provided to its customers. As a customer centric organisation we have strived hard to create an environment where high quality solar PV modules are produced bearing in mind employee safety and productivity in manufacturing. We as an organisation are completely aware of the solar industry and the challenges it brings, however our assurance is that we will be in tune with the requirements that the markets bring to us. As much as we want to think about the possible avenues of the industry, we are very clear that we want to have production at the forefront of our organisation. With the name established in the market our focus remains to bring our products and services to larger geographical area, we are very confident that we will be able to achieve this target at the earliest.

Starting from 2018, our core focus remains manufacturing and expanding our market reach. Plans of expanding existing manufacturing setup adding another 200 MW of manufacturing capacity is in the pipeline. We are also increasing the quality and productivity by using machine learning (ML) and internet of things (IoT) technologies to achieve an unparalleled production experience. Additionally, we are also looking to move into the direction of executing projects on a smaller scale thereby adding further to the visibility of the brand. In the next few quarters we are also looking to develop and sell energy efficient products which are becoming essential in the BOS of various solar projects.

We welcome you to understand about our team, vision, machinery, infrastructure, production capabilities, where a holistic view of the company and its operations are introduced. We have taken the right steps in the direction of growth and our commitment to accord with this world of opportunity in the solar industry. At the end we must say – we are future ready.

-Your Sincerely,
Chetan & Mithun